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All Wild Honey Botanicals products are made by hand and with love in the woods of Wisconsin!


Gem and Honey Infused Bathing Salts are quartz charged and incredibly scented to give you an aromatic, skin-loving escape for your mind, body and soul. One envelope includes two sachets of bath salts, good for two baths. 


Available in the following varieties:


Across The Universe: orange, ginger, and vetiver

Cosmic: palo santo and blood orange

Dream Catcher: cacao, tuberose and cinnamon

Into The Mystic: vetiver, patchouli, and lemon

Love Supreme: rose and French neroli

Luna: spearmint, ginger and eucalyptus

Twilight: lavender and geranium

Wanderlust: vetiver, patchouli, land emon


Ingredients: All blends are mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, organic Manuka honey and organic essential oils and resins. 

1.5 ounce packet

Gem & Honey Infused Bath Salts

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